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"Wine is the most civilized thing in the world" - Ernest Hemingway, American Novelist and Nobel Laureate
Describing the finesse of a wine is like writing poetry – not as easy as it appears. As the lusciousness varies from wine to wine so do the taste buds of true wine lovers. Handling experienced wine buyers is a delicate art – you have to have the sophistication and always maintain the optimum quality while entertaining them. Online wine shoppers are no different and to serve them, your shopping cart must have certain specific features developed only for online wine stores.
24SevenCart, besides all the features necessary for a shopping cart, offers a set of key features to run a successful online wine store. These features are exclusively developed to establish a direct relationship with the consumer focusing on individual preference and give an excellent shopping experience.
  Key features of 24SevenCart Wine Store Solution
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  Browse our wines: The “Browse our wines” feature comprises of a set of filters immensely helpful to find out the exact wine from the entire collection of the stores. The default filters are:
  • Grape Varietals
  • Price
  • Country
  • Region
  • Vintage
All filters under “Browse our wines” section are provided with “freezing options”, i.e. once you apply a filter, the remaining filters will work only within the dataset of the first filter and so on. As in Fig. 1 – We have all the filters under the default display. Once you select the Grape Varietal “Australia” (Fig. 2), all other filters narrow the display in context with the applied filter. Similarly, you can add one more filter (Fig. 3) to your search and further narrow down the results.
Fig. 1 (Browse our wines)
Fig. 3 (2nd filter applied)
Fig. 2 (1st filter applied)  
We recommend: This is a good option to help those shoppers, who may need your opinion to select their wines. You can set your ‘recommendations’ for every wine in your inventory from the admin panel.
Old and Rare wines: Another option to highlight those ‘much-preferred’ old and rare wines from your collection!
Great New arrivals: Display all your new arrivals at one place for those wine lovers with a great affinity for new and exciting wines that you offer.
Top rated wines: A must-have option for any good wine store. Based on the well-known rating you follow to classify your wines, your shoppers can easily pick up their choices when display all the highly rated wines at one place.
Other wines you may be interested in: This is for those shoppers who always love to go for a few ‘extras’ and like to see a few more before finally purchasing one.
Customer portfolio: Wine symbolizes aristocracy and so are the wine lovers. 24SevenCart offers specific options to manage every customer’s portfolio as if you are giving them personal attention! From customers’ account details to wine preferences everything is recorded under the customer’s portfolio. Moreover, using Winelink, you can easily synchronize customers’ data with the Microsoft RMS or POS. Most importantly, every customer’s monthly or periodical quota of wine is processed automatically so that he/she get his consignment in time.
Club membership management: Wine Club membership is another feature that all renowned wine merchant offer their customers and maintain religiously. With 24SevenCart, you can now manage your membership program comfortably and serve members from anywhere in the world. Depending upon the collection of wine you sell, you can categorize a partial or the entire collection of wines in to various ‘clubs’ of your choice and enlist those under “Browse our wines” with the same set of filters (California-based Gold Medal Wine Club is using this feature quite effectively). This way, a club-member can easily purchase his/her choice of wine from the club selection.
Sorting and display: every group of items under “Browse our wines” is displayed with a number (Fig. 4) that denotes the no. of items under that group. The number with the application of various filters as detailed above. To make the display compact, only the first few items under a group is shown initially and is provided with a link (e.g. “See all grape types”) to expand further.
Customized Wine delivery: A bottle of a good wine is a perfect gift for all occasions and many a times, your shopper may wish to send the same bottle of wine to all his friends or relatives. 24SevenCart gives the unique option where your customer can easily present a wine to multiple recipients located at different places. The process is managed from the same window and the customer only types in the name and shipping details; it takes considerably lesser time as compared to other shopping carts with similar features.

Besides providing real-time shipping through shipping service providers like USPS, UPS or FedEx, 24SevenCart also offers customized shipping utilities to optimize the shipping process based on the urgency of delivery. For example, using the “Holiday” setting for shipping, you can provide the customer to choose a delivery date say - “before” or “after” Christmas. So, a customer placing the order on 22nd December for a Christmas-gift to his friend can be charged more than another customer who places Christmas-gift order on 10th of December.
Winelink features:
bullet Integrates with MS-Dynamics RMS
 bullet Integrates with WineClub-Manager
bullet Exclusively for wine retailers
bullet Business-specific fields/settings
 bullet 100% customizable
bullet Easy Credit Card processing
 bullet Works with existing POS
 bullet Multi-location Support
bullet Easy deployment
 bullet Manage Customer details