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Tally Soft Point of Sale Integration

Tally Soft Integration with 24Seven Cart

Tally Soft Retail Management system (TallySales) is a Windows based cash register and POS management system that includes a touch screen data entry and functionality focused on managing the requirements specialty retailers, restaurants and resorts.It is a comprehensive and can be leveraged as per the requirements of retailers. It includes features such as Customer Loyalty Program, Special Orders and Gift Cards all as standard modules.

Features of Tally Soft integration with 24Seven Cart

The various advantages of integrating Tally Soft POS with 24Seven Cart are:
  • No duplication of data entry.
  • Downloading of orders from the web store to Tally Soft POS.
  • Product images and other related product information are uploaded automatically.
  • Various price levels can be set for retail and wholesale customers.
  • Supports standard and matrix products.

The Process of Tally Soft Ecommerce Integration with 24sevencart

Tally Soft Ecommerce Integration Flow Chart

To share and transfer the product and order related information from the web store to Tally Soft POS, 24Seven Cart uses 24Seven Link as a middleware. This assists in uploading of products to the web store and downloading of customers’ order to the Tally Soft Point of Sales (POS).

This middleware is made to handle and maintain information across various sales verticals. Retailers can fix the schedule to share data in the Tally Soft and the web store. The synchronized process helps retailers in reducing the operational cost and helps in faster completion of orders.

Integrated Marketplaces

You can also sell your online products on different marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. 24Seven Cart offers marketplace integration services where you can publish your web store products on eBay & Amazon. This real time integration helps in sync products, inventories and orders on both the platforms. It provides an interface that manages the various aspects of marketplaces such as stock, order, processing, payments & shipping.
Amazon ecommerce integration    eBay ecommerce integration
Benefits of using 24Seven Cart
Seamless Tally Soft Integration with Ecommerce
Seamless Integration

It is difficult enough to manage inventory in one system. Having to manage it in two places would bring the business down to a screeching halt. We have completely eliminated double data entry by providing seamless integration with the Tally Soft POS. As soon as an item is Web Enabled, it automatically uploads to your online store. This also helps in avoiding overselling by maintaining the accurate inventory levels across multiple eCommerce stores.

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User Friendly Browsing
User Friendly Browsing

The Tally Soft POS has two layer structure where an item lives under either one Department or one Category. 24Seven Cart eliminates this limitation by allowing you to attach one item to many Departments\Categories. It allows your customers to find items easily.

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Multi-Channel Integrated Tally Soft
Multi Channel

24Seven integrated with the Tally Soft POS, opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. It allows you to publish your Yellow Dog POS inventory of many other price comparison engines, for example, Google Shop,,, etc.

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