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We take care of all migration needs including the complete makeover of your store

If you are frustrated with the “static” nature of your existing shopping cart, which is almost inert to produce any appreciable business for you, then it is high time to change the shopping cart. Because of the ever-changing landscape in today’s marketplace, your rigid shopping cart may not stand and due to this, you end up getting less and less revenue. The answer lies in migrating to a robust and flexible shopping cart solution which can be molded as per your latest business strategies.

Step 1: Analyze your website template. Do you need a new one?
Visit your competitors’ websites who are selling better than you. Do they have something that you don’t? Or do they offer more options or features to their customers? Once you know this, you can compare that with your existing website and if needed, plan for a better design and more features. To do so, you may follow this:

  • If you go for a template remake, buy a good one!
  • Search our big repository of premium templates. We are sure you will get the right template for the new look.
  • Consult our design experts to guide you in selecting a good template

Step 2: Use your data – Back it up!
Your existing store may not be generating sells; still, it’s one of the most important resources that you have. Take a complete back up of your product data, images, content, customer details and every other thing you have. With your existing data, we can set up your new store very quickly.

Step 3: Choose a plan
We have different plans for different business needs. For example, if you have Microsoft RMS at your end, you may want to integrate that with your online store. For further details, please go through the 24Seven Cart feature-list. Alternatively, you can give us your requirement and we will help you in choosing the best plan for you.

Step 4: Build your niche marketplace – add specific features
You are almost through with your planning! It’s now time to check the minute details. With the help of your analysis (as in step 1), you can look for those important features for your store or modify the existing ones. For example, you may need an additional set of display for your products through a pop-up window that no other shopping cart can give. We can simply customize the shopping cart and integrate the option you want. Even more, if needed, we can change the whole shopping cart for you!

Step 5: Start your new Online Store
Now, you are ready to go with your new store! Once we help you to set the website and integrate your data, you get a completely new face to your shopping cart. Your customers will find it equally exciting as you have more options, better visibility and above all a user-friendly interface for them. From here, you can now move to promote your store and capture the market so far you have only dreamt of.

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