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RMS add-ons add more productivity and sales to your online retail store!

24Seven Link: 24Seven Link is a software component that acts as a bridge between RMS and the shopping cart. It is installed on the Microsoft RMS server and it takes the inventory data from the RMS and

RMS add-ons

synchronizes with the shopping cart database. At the same time, it helps to download the orders from the shopping cart and feeds to the RMS for local processing. For further details on 24Seven Link, click here.

24Seven Link is available to any shopping cart development company for integration.

TILE (The Item-List Editor): Changing items in RMS can be laborious. Selecting items one by one, making minor alterations, saving them and repeating this process takes up a lot time and effort that could be better utilised elsewhere!


With TILE, you can manage your product file just like operating a spreadsheet! For more details on TILE, click here.

RMS-Yahoo! Integrator: RMS-Yahoo! Integrator is a piece of software installed on the Microsoft Dynamics RMS back office server. It allows you to download and import Yahoo Store orders into Microsoft RMS.

RMS-Yahoo! Integrator

As Yahoo orders are downloaded, it automatically imports them into RMS ready for processing just like any other order.

Custom RMS Add Ons: We have been working with Microsoft Retail Management System since 2006 and have acquired a deep knowledge of the product. We have created multiple add-ons for various customers to accommodate their needs.

If you need help in automating an RMS related process, let us work together and develop that perfect utility.

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