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Retail PRO eCommerce integrationRetail Pro Version 9 E-Commerce Integration

Retail Pro v9: Retail Pro point-of-sales system has automated millions of retail stores worldwide. It manages inventory, customer orders, purchases, store operations, etc. It increases the operational efficiency for delivering higher increased efficiency.

The latest version of this POS application is Retail Pro V9. Benefits of RetailPro V9 are:
  • Comprehensive Retail Manage System (RMS): RetailPro Version 9 has all the necessary features such as a feature rich POS, all in one back-end system and a full-fledged reporting and analytics.
  • Global Solution: RetailPro Version 9 is a true global POS solution from the architecture that allows retailers to operate multiple currencies and supporting regional tax laws. It has a vast business partner network over 87 countries.
  • ERP Ready: The application programming interface (API) of RetailPro V9 provides a base to meet integration requirements for the retail industry.
  • All-encompassing reports: Retail Pro Version 9 provides standard and customizable format reports that help retailers in their decisions regarding sales, purchases and inventories.

Retail Pro Version 9 Ecommerce Integration

Overview of Retail Pro V9 integration with 24Seven shopping cart

Retail Pro V9 integration with E-commerce using 24Seven Cart help retailers in managing their latest RetailPro POS based web store and physical stores concurrently. This helps them in managing their product data, inventory, customer information on both the platforms. This integration bridges the gap between these two different technology platforms and migrates the data that is in a web enable format. This integration creates categories in the web store that are similar to the categories in the RetailPro application.

Product information and inventory are uploaded from RetailPro Version 9 application through 24Seven Link to 24Seven Cart based web store. Contrariwise, web orders consisting of order data and customer’s information are downloaded into the RetailPro V9 application to process further. Product creation, editing, image management and catalog management are managed through back-end admin panel. The catalog management lets retailers manage various functions such as product descriptions, ratings and product reviews, product specifications, personalization feature and related products.

Retail Pro V9 Ecommerce integration helps retailers to consolidate their business across different sales channel. With the help of this integration, they need not to worry about managing the databases in different channels. Now, they can focus on overall marketing strategies of their business. This Retail Pro V9 Ecommerce integration migrates the products, customers and orders related information on both the platforms. A middleware helps to migrate and update this information on both platforms.

Retail Pro V9 Ecommerce Integration Features

Updates Inventory: automatically updates and synchronizes information with the web store in a near real time basis.  

Creates Categories: Retailers can create products and related categories with 24Seven Cart panel.

Shoppers’ profiles: Shoppers’ profiles are directly imported into 24Seven Cart that eliminates the chances of duplicity.


Store specific information: This data can be differentiated from the physical store information.

Sales Orders: Web sales orders are directly downloaded into RetailPro for further processing.


Marketplace orders: These orders are directly downloaded from Amazon or eBay to 24Seven Cart and further migrated to RetailPro POS.

Integrate Marketplace with RetailPro v9

Integrating online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay offers additional marketing channel for retailers to market and sell their products online. Retailers operating a 24Seven Cart based web store integrated with their RetailPro POS can further integrate it with online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay by uploading and publishing their web store items. The real time integration between these multiple platforms lets retailers to manage them simultaneously.

Retail Pro version 9 Integration with Marketplaces

Ecommerce integration with Amazon let retailers to upload and publish their 24Seven Cart based products on Amazon. Similarly, with eBay integration with Ecommerce (24Seven Cart), retailers can publish their product catalog on eBay and any online marketplace orders are downloaded in RetailPro POS through 24Seven Cart.

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