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Retail PRO eCommerce integrationRetail Pro Version 8 E-Commerce Integration

There are many retail stores around the globe that are powered by Retail Pro point-of-sale systems. This end-to-end point of sale application can be attuned to accommodate the requirements of retailers. The all-inclusive point-of-sale systems mechanize various processes related to point of sales, store operations, inventories, order fulfillment and CRM.

Retail Pro Version 8 is one of the latest versions of this application. Following are the benefits and features of RetailPro V8:

  • Point-of-sale systems & store operations: There are various functions that managed by RetailPro V8 such as inventories, customers, custom-made workflows, etc. It has myriad global features that are used all over the globe.
  • Merchandise and inventory management: For any retail store, taking inventory related decision is critical. Retailers need a merchandise management solution to take decisions related to buying and storing. RetailPro V8 many functionalities that helps retailers in fetching required information to perform different functions, minimizes out-of-stock situation and helps to take better decisions.
  • Managing customers: RetailPro V8 is among the first few of the POS applications that introduced CRM function. This helps retailers in managing their customers with the insights that assists them in inferring various decisions.
  • Reporting and Analysis: RetailPro Version 8 offer pre-defined formats in its reporting package that assists the retailers in taking informed decisions regarding inventories, sales and purchases. Different reports have a ready to use designs that permits you to collect various and important information.

Retail Pro Version 8 Ecommerce Integration

Overview of Retail Pro V8 integration with 24Seven shopping cart

We offer Retail Pro V8 integration with Ecommerce. It is an all-inclusive tool to manage web store and point-of-sales application. This integration automates and migrates information across both the technology platforms that consist of multiple settings in RetailPro.

The processes at a web store are almost same as that of Retail Pro Version 8 POS that includes order management, inventory control and catalogue management. This Retail Pro V8 eCommerce integration helps retailers to track inventory levels, product attributes, multiple price levels and records customer transactions.

Additionally, it’s not just the integration of  Retail Pro v8 with Web Store  that matters, it is the time and cost that are saved from repeated data entry in both the platforms. This 24Sevencart and RetailPro V8 integration shares and updates information in real time basis so that you get the latest information.

Retail Pro Version 8 Integration with eCommerce store based on 24Seven Cart requires a middleware to transfer and migrate information on both the platforms. This middleware, 24Seven Link, helps retailers to upload the inventory information, pricing data and product attributes.

  • There are various functions that retailers can manage through the interface of 24Sevencart such as product information, updating multiple price levels, reviews, banner images, etc.
  • Web store based on 24Seven Cart issues a confirmation mail once orders are fulfilled.
  • Retailers can integrate their 24Sevencart based web store with various sales channels such as online marketplaces and shopping engines.

Integration Features:

  • Updates product catalog automatically.
  • Auto updates pricing and inventory data.
  • Download online sales orders into RetailPro.
  • Update inventory on online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
  • Connects multiple retail outlets.

Integrating Marketplaces

Retailers can sell their products in different marketing channels such as online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Retailers having their web store based on 24Seven Cart can integrate online marketplaces where they can publish their web store items. Integrating 24Sevencart based web store with online marketplaces, retailers can upload their products on marketplaces. The real time integration between physical store, 24Sevencart based web store and online marketplaces helps in sync products, orders and inventories on these platforms simultaneously.

Retail Pro version 8 Integration with Marketplaces

Amazon Integration with Ecommerce (24Seven Cart) offers facility to highlight your web store's product over this online marketplace. Likewise, Ecommerce Integration with eBay provide opportunities for retailers to display and market their products over it.

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