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A few basics about 24SevenCart

Q: What is the best thing about 24Seven Cart?
Ans: Apart from offering a huge collection of all the best features of most popular shopping carts in the market, we also offer 100% customization options with 24Seven Cart ecommerce solution.ątop

Q. Is there any transactional charge for every order placed in my online store?
Ans: Unlike many popular shopping carts, we do not charge any transactional fees for the orders placed in your store.ątop

Q. Is there any monthly fee involved if I host the online store in my own server?
Ans: Absolutely not. The monthly maintenance charges are applicable if you host the store on our server only.ątop

Q. I have an existing website. How can I use your 24Seven Cart? Will that be possible?
Ans: It is possible. In fact, your online store will be 'live' in less time. We will simply take the template of your existing website and integrate the store in it so that your store will become an integral part of your website.

Q. Is there currency limitation in 24Seven Cart?
Ans: No. Along with US dollar (which is the default currency) we provide the option to integrate any currency in 24Seven Cart.ątop

Q. What payment gateway can I use with 24Seven Cart?
Ans. 24Seven Cart comes integrated with the payment gateway provided by authorize.net. However, if needed, we can any payment gateway of your choice.ątop

Q. How can I check and ensure the features of 24Seven Cart?
Ans. Visit our Demo Request Page and submit the form. We will set up a complete demo store (with the Storefront and the admin control panel) and get back to you with all the necessary details. There onwards, you can check all the features and if needed, we will assist you whenever you want to. Your demo store will be up for minimum 15 days.ątop

Q. Will you assist me to promote my online store and market my products?
Ans: Of course, we will. Apart from our free store promotion techniques and training programs, (this is exclusively for our 24Seven Cart customers) we have value-added web campaign plans aiming both local and global markets. We will also train you to spread the brand-awareness for your business. ątop

Q. Is 24Seven Cart secure?
Ans: 24Seven Cart is 100% PCI Compliant and the checkout region is reinforced through 128-bit SSL encryption. Apart from these industry-defined standards, we have the latest firewall technology in our server environment and additional features to prevent fraudulence orders, unauthorized access and multi-level backup options.ątop

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