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VRP eCommerce Integration With 24Sevencart
Visual Retail Plus (VRP)

Visual Retail Plus is a windows based point of sale application comprehensively designed for small and medium-sized retailers. This software application allows retailers to manage and share information regarding sales and inventory on their multiple stores. The near real-time mechanism allows employees to get the updated information from other locations regarding sales, inventory status, orders and shipments. The centralized admin control allows activate or de-activate various features immediately. It also handles the multi-level permission to access the POS system according to the different hierarchy. A complete Visual Retail Plus point of sale system includes cutting edge touch screen monitor, receipt printing machine, bar code scanner, customer display, an integrated PCI complaint payment processing system and a customers’ signature capture device.

Integrating Visual Retail Plus and 24Seven Cart

Visual Retail Plus integration with 24Seven Cart administers point of sale, inventories, purchase orders, customer relationship management (CRM) and also generates multiple reports for further insights. It offers the functionality to share product data, like updating products, their prices, images, discounts offered, taxes levied etc, with your web store. Conversely, you can also download information regarding orders placed and associated customer data to the VRP.

Features of VRP integration with 24Seven Cart

  • Removes the repeated data recording requirements.
  • Updates accounting and sales information on a real time basis.
  • Shares product information in multiple stores.
  • Generates analytics report on sales, orders and payments.
  • Updates stock level automatically.
  • Sending purchase order information like back order reporting, closed orders and invoice tracking.

Benefits enabled by Visual Retail Plus integration with 24Seven shopping cart

  • Eliminated double data entry
  • Reduces errors
  • Synchronizing two different systems
  • Maintaining a single system reduces extra labor cost
  • Minute changes are displayed while uploading
  • Download customer orders, shipping discount details
  • Supports matrix and standard products
  • The flexibility to set multiple prices
  • Updating all product attributes simultaneously
  • Uploads web enabled items only
  • Scheduling of synchronization process can be fixed to a minute
  • Increase browsing by linking items to multiple categories & departments

The process of integrating 24Seven Cart with Visual Retail Plus

Upload inventory Data
The Uploading
The store’s product data, inventory information, product images, prices, attributes and other fulfillment information get uploaded to the web store automatically.

Download Data from Web Store
The Downloading
Online orders, customer information, shipping information etc. get downloaded to the VRP enabled POS system mechanically.

Update Process
Scheduling the update process
The real time synchronization lets you to update the web store & VRP enabled Point of Sale system according to your preference. You can even schedule the update process in hourly or daily basis.

Increase Sales
Inflating the sales
Helps in growing your business & sales perpetually in the domestic & international market.

Integration Flow:

We have developed a mechanized interface as link (Visual Retail Plus Link) for permitting merchants to upload the products from VRP enabled POS for the web store. In the similar way, this link also downloads the customers orders from the web store to the point of sale system.

VRP Integration Integration Flow Exhibit1: ‘Upload Inventory’ is meant for passing the
inventory related information to the web store.
VRP Inventory Download Chart Exhibit2: This is meant for downloading the orders to the
VRP enabled point of sale.

Benefits of using 24Seven Cart

Seamless VRP eCommerce IntegrationSeamless IntegrationAdministering a web store and point of sale system requires a perpetual revision of various information regarding customers’ information, inventories, pricing, suppliers’ information, discounts allowed, purchase & sales orders. Our integration of 24Seven shopping cart platform with Visual Retail Plus point of sales bestows retailers to control same information about various attributes on miscellaneous platforms. This integration lets the data move back & forth from the web store to Point of sale systems.

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User Friendly BrowsingUser Friendly BrowsingThe seamless & coherent integration between the 24Seven Cart & Visual Retail Plus point of sale system allows to pass product information from POS to the web store. It lets the web store updated with all the relevant product information including the multiple product images. This offers the online retailers to find same the information on both the platforms and lets an online customer to browse easily through the web store.

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VRP Integration Discount RulesDiscount RulesVisual Retail Plus bestows online customers different types of promotional discount capabilities. Online retailers having this POS can their discount & coupons from buy 2 for 1 sale, percentages, specified amount or default discount percentages. 24Seven Cart integration with Visual Retail gives additional capabilities to the online retailers for offering various promotional offers.

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Smartphone Friendly VRP EcommerceSmart Phone FriendlyMobile compatibility provides full functionality of 24Seven Cart to online retailers’ mobile commerce channel which includes integration with web store’s catalog, inventory, checkout, etc. 24Seven Cart is developed to work on latest smart phones, which in turn, makes your Visual Retail Plus inventory smart phone friendly.

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Multi-Channel Integrated VRP Multi ChannelAccessing the online store information through a mobile device gives the additional competencies to realize various information like inventory, catalog and checkout. Integration with Visual Retail Plus lets the inventory of it to become a smart phone friendly.

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eBay Integration with VRPeBay IntegrationAre you ready to sell your products on eBay? 24Seven makes it very easy to publish your inventory on eBay and making sure you never oversell by keeping the stock in synch. 24Seven Cart provides an interface that manages various aspects of eBay like stock, order processing, payments & shipping.

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.NET Based eCommerce PlatformFlexible Architecture24Seven Cart is developed in non-proprietary C# code, one of the most commonly used .NET languages and it is developed using the industry standard practices. It offers a 100% customizable platform to any .NET developer to build on the existing flexible architecture. This, in turn, allows merchants to launch an eCommerce platform that meets their highly unique business requirements while staying within their tight budgets.

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