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eBay and Web Store Integration

Why eCommerce eBay integration is beneficial?

Every retailer is concerned about how to expand their business. Retailers who are operating either physical stores or online stores or both are concerned about attracting more number of customers, building trust among online customers and compete with other major players. They even need to compete with other marketplaces too.

The best way to tackle this is to adopt for different platforms of marketing channels, integrate different platforms and to have a centralized control over all the platforms. Our 24Seven Cart and eBay integration makes this process simple. This integration lets you to manage products, inventories, customers’ order and their information.

Advantages of opening an eBay Store

Last month, while coming from a business trip, I met with a group of retailers dealing with CPG products. Fortunately, most of them were dealing with different products and are operating in their territories. They were discussing about the traditional methods retailing that they were using. There was an entrepreneur who explained about his business & how he expanded it to the largest market.

He was dealing in confectionery items made by a few in-house employed bakers. He told about the different challenges that he faced to market his products via mass marketing for such a small retailer that involved a large cost. There were other challenges that need to be taken care, such as expanding his business in other regions that involved additional manpower. Then he said that he heard about the eBay presence in the online retail. He decided to try out.

He subscribed the premium store in eBay services and listed all the types of products he was manufacturing. The result was clear as he was witnessing more visits for his products and higher orders for his products. In addition to this, he started receiving orders from all over the country. He realized that by listing his products on eBay, he can attract customers from different parts of the country or from overseas too.

Everyone in the group wanted  to know more about how simple it was to adopt new technologies for a business that was operating in a traditional manner. After hearing this, even I got interested in knowing what are the other benefits that one can derive by availing eBay’s services. I also contacted a few of my acquaintances who had their stores opened on eBay and found how beneficial it is to own a store over eBay.

The first benefit I got was that I can start my own store over eBay without much technical know-how. I was not much tech savvy, however, I was able to operate my online store. Since my business was medium sized, eBay offered a plan suitable according to my scale of business. It has recently changed its pricing plans and is offering a wide range of plans for all types of business. The cheapest plan starts with $15.95 which allows to list 150 free listings and retailers can pay as low as 4% of the product price as a final selling value.

Having a store on eBay marketplace is like owning a personal brand space that displays just your products. You can customize your store in terms of store  design a graphics. Additionally, with some know-how about the HTML, one can also create customized shopping pages, add logos, list terms and conditions and an about us page. In addition to this, eBay offers facility to choose your personal URL that allows customers to land directly to your page. This is the most important part for sellers as online customers don’t want to spend their time searching for products.

Retailers can market their products on eBay and it has shown growth in terms of marketing. eBay allows sellers to correspond newsletter to offer promotions and discounts to their customers. eBay marketplace offers a unique selling concept of auctioning products. These are the different benefits one can derive from availing services from eBay.

Seamless integration of 24Seven Cart with eBay

Main features of eBay integration:

  • Centralized Control: Retailers can manage products, inventories, orders and customer information from the admin panel in 24Seven Cart based web store.
  • Uploads Product information: Instantly upload product information such as product description, images and prices from the POS to the web store and from the web store to eBay. This integration automatically uploads matrix items and product variants.
  • Product re-listing functionality: Retailers can re-list the products that have been are previously uploaded in the eBay with a facility to edit the products.
  • Order Download: Orders are automatically downloaded to the web store and retailers can fix  scheduler for downloading them.
  • Track on Overselling: eBay integration with eCommerce updates the inventory automatically on web store and on eBay after every order is processed.
  • Easy Logins: Customer accounts are automatically created in the web store while downloading the orders from eBay.
  • Inventory Control: Retailers get the centralized control of the inventories that are uploaded in the eBay from the 24Seven Cart enabled web store. You can choose the products that need to be uploaded in eBay.
  • Simplify the processes: 24Seven Cart has an inbuilt plug-in for eBay and this simplifies various processes related to product and inventory control, product management and order management. This eliminates the need to manually enter the information on both the platforms.
  • Saves cost involvement: Retailers get the facility to use the existing infrastructure of eBay to their benefit such marketing & promotional activities initiated BY eBay.
Benefits to Users and your business:

There are various benefits of 24Seven Cart (eCommerce software) & eBay integration for both businesses and end users. The main advantages that retailers get are:

  • Increase in the conversion rates: Since the web store products are displayed on eBay, the chances of additional sales are high and thereby increase in revenues too.
  • Saves additional cost involvement: The eBay integration saves additional cost involved in managing the data on both the platforms and eliminates double data entry.
  • Trust & Credibility: eBay’s credibility is very high in the online marketplaces which are very helpful in attracting additional customers. Listing the products in eBay helps online retailers in getting trust of the customers that they have on eBay.
Process of eBay integration
  • Create an account on eBay Developers Program.
  • Get your Dev key, App key, Cert key and API token from eBay
  • Use the above stated information in 24Seven Cart Admin Panel. (Marketing >> eBay >> Settings)
  • Assign the category and choose the products that you want to upload to eBay.
  • You can re-list the items on eBay as the items are going to be displayed on eBay for 7 days only.
  • You can manage your eBay orders by downloading them in 24Seven Cart web store.
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