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Why integrating your eCommerce store with Amazon is good?

The best way to sell your products, increase sales, profitability and gain international exposure is to offer them in the world’s largest online marketplace. Thanks to our 24Seven Cart and Amazon (marketplace) integration for making this process simple for you to manage your products, inventories, orders and customers.

Now, you don’t need to spend a huge amount on the marketing resources and to attract more traffic to your web store. A marketplace such as Amazon attracts a higher number of visitors as compared to any of the web stores. Utilizing this source for getting additional online customers is the best idea for online retailers without bothering about the different technology platforms.

Selling smoothly on Amazon with 24Seven Cart Integration

Key features of Amazon Webstore Integration:

  • Low user entry barriers – There are millions of customers who are associated with Amazon and thousands of affiliated websites. Retailers can use to their benefit, the existing customers’ information such as their profiles, payment and address information. Retailers can use this information to their advantage by allowing them to use their existing Amazon login IDs instead of creating the new ones.
  • Handiness- Being an online retailer, you can save time and hassle by easily searching your products that are uploaded in Amazon from 24Seven Cart web store. You can quickly upload products on Amazon, update existing information on Amazon from 24Seven Cart’s admin panel.
  • Inventory control- You get the centralized control & management of inventory that is uploaded to Amazon. Retailers can choose and track which products that needs to be uploaded to Amazon.
  • Streamlined Order management- This Ecommerce Integration with Amazon lets you to manage online orders from one point. Orders that you get through Amazon gets downloaded to the web store. Therefore, retailers can manage both the web store orders and orders through Amazon from their 24Seven Cart based store.
  • Additional traffic- Retailers can use the existing infrastructure of the Amazon to their advantage such as the marketing and promotional activities done by the Amazon.
  • Streamlined processes- As 24Seven Cart based web store has in inbuilt feature of Amazon plug-in, all the processes related to product information uploading and order data downloading are streamlined and eliminates manualized data entry.
  • Simple and easy login: Online customers’ accounts are automatically created in the eCommerce store while downloading the order from Amazon.
  • Evade overselling: eCommerce Amazon Integration updates inventory automatically on Amazon & 24Seven Cart based web store after every order on Amazon or web store.
Benefits to Users and your business:

24Seven Cart integration with Amazon is beneficial not only for businesses, but also for its users too. The major benefits for retailers to use Amazon integration are:

  • Higher conversions: Amazon Integration with Ecommerce offers higher chances of sales conversion and thereby increases in revenue generated.
  • Cost reduction: This marketplace integration reduces the cost involved as it automates the data sharing and uploading process and eliminates the manual data entry.
  • Trust & credibility: The trust & credibility of the Amazon are very helpful for retailers to get the additional online customers. The confidence of online customers is very high on Amazon & listing your products on the Amazon helps online retailers to get additional customers.
Integration Process
  • Create an account on Amazon Seller’s Central.
  • Get your Amazon merchant ID, Amazon marketplace ID, Amazon secret access key and Amazon access key ID from Amazon.
  • Use the above stated information in 24Seven Cart Admin Panel. (Marketing >> Amazon >> Settings)
  • Choose the products that you want to upload on Amazon and map the ASIN & ISBN codes with the item SKUs displayed in the Identification feed.
  • You can manage your Amazon orders by downloading them in 24Seven Cart web store.
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